Can humanity turn the wheel in time?

An exploration of how to find our way back to nature, to each other, and to ourselves so that we may find our right place in the Universe.



NOW is a crisis time with regard to the environment, and as Robert Jensen stated it, “Environmental Collapse, Climate Crisis and the Fate of Humanity” are at stake.

Joanna Macy said that we need a “Great Turning” to stand a chance of not destroying the earth entirely, or at least not destroying the earth’s capacity to host humans and many other species.

Humanity has caused great harm

It may be too late to save everything, but thankfully there ARE more and more organizations, writers, thought leaders and other efforts engaged in attempting to find solutions.

Humanity, in our opinion, needs to wake up, so that ideally even people who are not YET active can “follow the breadcrumbs” to explore resources listed, and find organizations to join to become part of the solution.

Insofar as we CAN be awakened to the need to change and the need to amend the ways we have been going about our lives, the website offers suggestions and directions and ways to help become part of the solution.

Finding Right Balance

Our Foundations

We begin with the premise that we first need come from a place of personal “Right Balance,” with more accurate self-appraisal within ourselves, that we next need to develop the interpersonal skills needed to meet the Other with fairness and equal respect, mutuality and reciprocity, and that only with those skills in place can we bring our minds and hearts to bear on the issues facing us with regard to overall “Right Balance” systemically.

This website is divided into three areas…


Finding right balance within oneself is a matter of our tuning into, acknowledging, healing, and relating to the many various aspects of ourselves…


Relates to how individuals in a dyad connect with one another, attune to one another, and care about the well-being of both dyad members to honor the common good.


How do we create systems and societies that bring us back into harmony with humanity as a whole, and with nature itself?

ResEARCH & Resources

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We have been immersed in a deep inquiry for almost two decades. We have lovingly curated a living library of books, articles, videos, podcasts, blogs, websites, white papers, and more. Our hope and intention is that any one visiting this site is able to deepen their inquiry into these important questions, and easily connect to the landscape of thought leaders, research, and conversations happening around the world…

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Who We Are

How can human beings evolve to a place where we can work together?

That is the fundamental question that inspired this website, and the information and conversations you will find here. We also believe this is the fundamental and existential question facing all of humanity at this point in time. We invite you to join in our inquiry process, and contribute to what we hope will be a step toward our collective evolution.

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