Psychological Roots of the Climate Crisis

About Psychological Roots of the Climate Crisis Psychological Roots of the Climate Crisis tells the story of a fundamental fight between a caring and an uncaring imagination. It helps us to recognise the uncaring imagination in politics, in culture – for example in the writings of Ayn Rand – and also in ourselves. Sally Weintrobe argues […]

The Declaration of Interdependence

I have included this powerful text, sadly from fully 30 years ago – sadly because we seem (as humans) not to have learned or heeded a thing since then about our interconnectedness. I have included the document itself (at the end) and some information about David Suzuki himself drawn from a biography from the Britannica […]

Quantum social change

It is sponsored by Salesforce designs, a business venture, but don’t let that dissuade you from listening.

Decolonization is not a metaphor

A great academic paper on the US state’s treatment of Native Americans and how even recent movements that aim at reducing the wealth gap, providing reparations, redistributing land, etc. continue to perpetuate the low socio-economic status of Native Americans.

Humanity and nature are not separate – we must see them as one to fix the climate crisis

Though a varied and complex story, the widespread separation of humans from nature in Western culture can be traced to a few key historical developments, starting with the rise of Judeo-Christian values 2000 years ago. Prior to this point, belief systems with multiple gods and earth spirits, such as paganism, dominated. They generally considered the sacred to be found throughout nature, and humanity as thoroughly enmeshed within it.

Finding Refuge

This podcast emerged from work based in the exploration of collective grief and liberation. It exists to remind us about all the ways we can find refuge during unsettling and uncertain times, and to remind us about the resilience and joy that comes from allowing ourselves to find refuge.  Michelle C. Johnson, author, yoga teacher, […]