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The Story of Ishmael

(suggestion from Bridget Birdsall) If you haven’t read a book called ISHMAEL—the protagonist is a gorilla who may have some answers to your question. It’s been around for a while but is so darn timely, and a well-written good read to reflect upon…because in awareness of the problem, just like

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I believe we have lost our way

I believe we have lost our way. We are in trouble. How do we right our ship? How can we all become motivated to right our ship? What on earth are we doing threatening the extinction of our planetary home? What on earth are we doing threatening (and causing) the

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Living a Life of Purpose

Psychotherapist and yoga teacher Stephen Cope’s new book The Great Work of Your Life challenges us to find our true purpose in life, which he believes all of us can achieve. Here, he gives a taste of the struggle and payoff that comes with seeking to find and cultivate our

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Humanity & Nature Are Not Separate

Though a varied and complex story, the widespread separation of humans from nature in Western culture can be traced to a few key historical developments, starting with the rise of Judeo-Christian values 2000 years ago. Prior to this point, belief systems with multiple gods and earth spirits, such as paganism,

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Barcelona’s Experiment in Radical Democracy

Introduction There are a couple of themes in this article that stand out to me as important, and why I chose this article to include.  Three main themes that spoke to me are (a) “Feminization” of Politics, and (b) concern to retain community common space that is for everyone, and

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Matrix of White Supremacy

[New podcast] “Unplugging from the Matrix of White Supremacy” Tami Simon speaks with Rachel Ricketts about spiritual activism, the presence of our ancestors, and the healing work of racial justice. Here is what changemaker, attorney, and healer Rachel Ricketts said at the beginning of our conversation about her new book,

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Where to Begin? Practices for “Right Balance”

I start with the premise, myself, that I need first to be grounded firmly on the ground and connected firmly with Nature. For me, that seems a necessity. I even have a bias that that is needed for all humans to be in right balance with their essential nature. For

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“Right Balance” Systemically: When Checks & Balances Break Down

This image is meant to represent different energies within ourselves (also see Necessary Elements to Finding “Right Balance” Interpersonally). For instance, is our time spent working balanced out sufficiently by our time spent relaxing or playing? Is the amount of energy we expend to give to others sufficiently counterbalanced by

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Power Dynamics in Relationships

In certain kinds of relationships, in which there tends to be power-over/ power-under dynamics, there may be a relationship within which two people do equal work –but one of the members takes over the full leadership role, requiring the other to simply follow. Patriarchy and certain kinds of extreme evangelical

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IFS: Issues of Projections & Coming From “Parts”

In all interpersonal relationships, we are vulnerable to projections. Our doing so seems most likely to happen in intense intimate relationships, when old relationship dynamics are most readily triggered. (Our amygdala takes on a “scanning” function, recognizes when “like” seems similar to “like,” and we respond accordingly, usually out of

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Relationship Repair after a Rupture

Discussions about restoring a better balance, particularly after a rupture – say if one partner has broken out of an old pattern? This image is intended to convey the sense that one partner has grown beyond a previous “fit” within a relationship. This happens not infrequently, if one partner is

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Enmeshment, Codependency, Over or Under-Functioning Within a Relationship

Discussions about “right balance” interpersonally — what if there has been enmeshment, codependency, over-functioning, or under-functioning within a relationship? If we draw from the issues of balance (or imbalance) within ourselves, what if two people (each with their own idiosyncratic imbalances) get together? If we take two individuals, each in

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Body Image

Being in the Body & Finding “Right Balance”

I have myself been in recovery from various eating disorders for over 50 years and worked with people with eating disorders for a similar amount of time. To some “finding our right body” might seem a question that does not even need asking. However, for people who have been over

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What do I mean by “right balance”?

I do not use the term “right” to convey “right or wrong,” as in moral judgment, but my belief is that there is – within oneself, within a dyad interpersonally, and within all the elements, all the “players” and all the considerations within the whole world – a balance that

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David Suzuki

Declaration of Interdependence

Declaration of Interdependence The Declaration of Interdependence expresses our values as an organization. It was written for the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, where portions of our declaration were woven into the work of others around the world to form the Earth Charter. This we know We

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