Power Dynamics in Relationships

In certain kinds of relationships, in which there tends to be power-over/ power-under dynamics, there may be a relationship within which two people do equal work –but one of the members takes over the full leadership role, requiring the other to simply follow. Patriarchy and certain kinds of extreme evangelical religions seem to put forth […]

IFS: Issues of Projections & Coming From “Parts”

In all interpersonal relationships, we are vulnerable to projections. Our doing so seems most likely to happen in intense intimate relationships, when old relationship dynamics are most readily triggered. (Our amygdala takes on a “scanning” function, recognizes when “like” seems similar to “like,” and we respond accordingly, usually out of our conscious awareness.) Sometimes we […]

Relationship Repair after a Rupture

Discussions about restoring a better balance, particularly after a rupture – say if one partner has broken out of an old pattern? This image is intended to convey the sense that one partner has grown beyond a previous “fit” within a relationship. This happens not infrequently, if one partner is engaged in a recovery process […]

Enmeshment, Codependency, Over or Under-Functioning Within a Relationship

Discussions about “right balance” interpersonally — what if there has been enmeshment, codependency, over-functioning, or under-functioning within a relationship? If we draw from the issues of balance (or imbalance) within ourselves, what if two people (each with their own idiosyncratic imbalances) get together? If we take two individuals, each in their own “imperfectness,” out of […]

Being in the Body & Finding “Right Balance”

I have myself been in recovery from various eating disorders for over 50 years and worked with people with eating disorders for a similar amount of time. To some “finding our right body” might seem a question that does not even need asking. However, for people who have been over eaters, under eaters, anorexics, bulimics […]

What do I mean by “right balance”?

I do not use the term “right” to convey “right or wrong,” as in moral judgment, but my belief is that there is – within oneself, within a dyad interpersonally, and within all the elements, all the “players” and all the considerations within the whole world – a balance that is healthier, more sustainable, and […]

Declaration of Interdependence

Declaration of Interdependence The Declaration of Interdependence expresses our values as an organization. It was written for the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, where portions of our declaration were woven into the work of others around the world to form the Earth Charter. This we know We are the earth, through the […]