Where to Begin? Practices for “Right Balance”

I start with the premise, myself, that I need first to be grounded firmly on the ground and connected firmly with Nature. For me, that seems a necessity. I even have a bias that that is needed for all humans to be in right balance with their essential nature. For me, I also seek to […]

Trauma, Needs, Protective Maneuvers & Impacts on “Right Balance”?

What if – for instance – we had a very narcissistic demanding parent, and our safety required giving attention to them more than being able to attune to ourselves, explore our own self-awareness, express our own ideas? Or what if we needed to sharply curtail our expectations of receiving from others, as a survival mechanism?? […]

What do I mean by “right balance”?

I do not use the term “right” to convey “right or wrong,” as in moral judgment, but my belief is that there is – within oneself, within a dyad interpersonally, and within all the elements, all the “players” and all the considerations within the whole world – a balance that is healthier, more sustainable, and […]