Where to Begin? Practices for “Right Balance”

I start with the premise, myself, that I need first to be grounded firmly on the ground and connected firmly with Nature. For me, that seems a necessity. I even have a bias that that is needed for all humans to be in right balance with their essential nature.

For me, I also seek to be as connected as I can with that part of me that I think of as Spiritual (call it Highest Self, higher consciousness, “soul,” “spirit,” or other words that might have meaning to others). This connects me with something larger than myself.

I also work from the premise that both right brain and left brain “engagement” is needed. By right brain I think of access to our creativity, intuition, “sixth sense,” access to our body, and our senses. We access wisdom from our dreams, imagination, and other less “linear” sources.

Left brain is, in my way of thinking, the other kind of intellect that we think of as more linear — judgment, discernment, book learning, ability to form concepts and have access to abstraction – these are, for me the internal “start” places, and from there I feel into how I interact with the environment.

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